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Experienced Virtualisation Deployment Skills

IT WLR’s team of experienced consultants and engineers have the breadth of knowledge and experience to advice on the most appropriate virtualisation platform for your organisation. As we are solution-agnostic, we can offer independent advice on the most appropriate solution based on your current - and future – organisational requirements.

IT WLR works very closely with the major suppliers of virtualisation technologies, including Microsoft and VMware, ensuring that our engineers are always aware of emerging developments and how best to use these to our clients’ advantage. Our team has successfully managed virtualisation projects for many clients across a wide range of sectors, professionally managing every stage of the process from consultation and advice to project planning and implementation.

Operating Efficiency

Employing fewer physical machines means that virtualisation reduces an organisation’s costs not only in terms of capital expenditure but also on-going maintenance costs. And, with green IT becoming increasingly high-profile, virtualising your environment reduces energy costs and lowers your organisation’s carbon footprint. The ability to reduce what historically would take racks and racks of space, valuable real estate and power consumption is a key driver for virtualisation benefitting all organisations. Also, as virtualised platforms are scalable, the capabilities of your IT infrastructure are able to grow in line with your business objectives.

Redundancy and Improved Disaster Recovery

Hosting multiple virtual servers on fewer physical hosts improves your organisation’s disaster recovery capabilities. If one virtual server fails, another can be immediately provisioned to immediately take over its workload. This can mean dramatically reduced downtime and, therefore, minimal loss of operational capacity.

In addition, using multiple physical hosts provides greater hardware redundancy. In the event of a hardware failure within one physical host, the others host(s) can take over the load of the failed host in real time offering greater redundancy within the core platform. This is of great comfort to organisations relying on core systems.

Migrating to a Virtual Platform

Another benefit of repurposing a virtualised platform when upgrading systems is the ability to migrate gradually to a new platform whilst both operate simultaneously, reducing risk and downtime. We can then often utilise the older server hardware for disaster recovery purposes or even for building a virtualised test bed environment enabling the organisations computing footprint to scale materially without material cost.

When virtualising an existing platform, IT WLR will perform a capacity planning exercise to enable us to properly assess the scaling of the virtual platform and how many physical hosts are required to support the number of applications utilised in the environment.

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